Billings Method



Clinical research

Drs John and Evelyn Billings developed the Billings Method through extensive clinical research. Trials of the Billings Method, in both developed and developing countries, involving couples from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, shows the method is highly reliable and acceptable.

99% effective for avoidance of pregnancy

When understood and used according to the rules the method is 99% effective for the avoidance of pregnancy. Consult an accredited Billings Method teaching centre.

Achieving a pregnancy

Knowledge of the Billings Method is useful in overcoming cases of infertility. The primary management of the apparent infertile couple is to teach them the Billings Method (see guidelines).

Hormonal research

Professor J. B. Brown, D.Sc. Ph.D., is responsible for the hormonal monitoring of the reproductive cycle relevant to Natural Family Planning and thereby verified the work carried out by the Drs Billings.

Biological research

Professor Erik Odeblad, MD, Ph.D., is a world expert on the biology of the cervix and has, through his studies, verified the clinically established rules for the Billings Method.



Billings Method

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