Learning the Billings Method

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Are you interested in learning the Billings Method to understand your fertility and protect your reproductive health? 
If so we can help. You can use this method to either achieve or avoid pregnancy.


The Billings Method requires women to pay attention to their external sensations and observations just as they go about their normal daily activities and to keep a simple record.

Accredited Billings Ovulation Method teachers are available to assist couples. Contact a teaching Centre in your area, or direct your inquiry to our online address (see billingsMentor for other addresses).

If you wish to learn in English over the Internet then email your request, giving your country of residence and general location (name of city or region).
An accredited teacher can help couples to learn the following rules:

1. For the Achievement of Pregnancy:

Apply the Early Day Rules. This enables the change to the fertile pattern of mucus to be recognized. Then postpone intercourse until slippery mucus occurs. The next few days are the most fertile. Therefore intercourse should occur while slippery mucus is obvious.

2. For the Postponement of Pregnancy:


  1. The Early Day Rules and
  2. The Peak Rule

These rules are as follows.

The Early Day Rules:

Rule 1 - Avoid intercourse on days of heavy bleeding during menstruation.

Rule 2 - Alternate evenings are available for intercourse when these days have been recognized as infertile.

Rule 3 - Avoid intercourse on any day of mucus or bleeding which interrupts the Basic Infertile Pattern. Allow three days of Basic Infertile Pattern afterwards before intercourse is resumed.

The Peak Rule:

There must be avoidance of all genital contact until the beginning of the fourth day following the Peak (the last day of a lubricative or slippery sensation at the vulva ). From the fourth day until the end of the cycle intercourse is available every day at any time.

The daily chart is important:

  1. in reminding a woman to pay attention to the mucus sign every day;
  2. giving valuable information to the husband so that he and his wife can discuss the possibilities.


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