Women and Couples in Isolation

Audrey Smith

Teacher of the Billings Method

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Break down isolation

Computers and modern communications assist people in many different ways. One such way is for women and couples who are living in isolated areas to learn the Billings Method of natural family planning using the Internet to communicate with a teacher.

A big country

In Australia, there are vast areas where it is not possible to provide many needed services. There are some Billings Method teaching centres scattered throughout country areas, but there are not enough to assist all those interested in a natural way of fertility regulation. We are offering you this teaching service from your own home.

Applies to all stages of a woman's fertile life

The Billings Method is applicable to all stages of a woman's fertile life, whether she is breast feeding, in normal cycles, approaching the menopause, following cessation of hormonal medication, or is irregular. Increasing numbers of couples are seeking assistance from Billings teachers to achieve pregnancy.

Benefits in understanding female reproduction

There are many reasons that make modern scientific natural family planning beneficial to female reproductive health. In learning the Billings Method both the woman and the man come to appreciate the different emotional changes that a woman experiences throughout the menstrual cycle. They are also able to make decisions together about matters relating to achieving or avoiding pregnancy. Many women are assisted by correctly understanding the female menstrual cycle.

Reliable, natural and inexpensive

The results of trials of the Billings Method show that the method is highly reliable for avoiding pregnancy and acceptable to couples from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds. Managing your fertility in a natural, reliable way has much to offer, especially in the long term.

Widen your knowledge base

Increasing numbers of women are alarmed at the difficulty they experience when trying to achieve pregnancy following the cessation of hormonal medication. Perhaps they would have chosen a different path if the opportunity to do so had been known to them.

Do you want to learn?

Why not take a look at various teaching pages on the Billings Method and its related topics? If you are interested in learning this method contact me.

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