Billings Method

Achieving a Pregnancy

Are you interested in learning the Billings Method to understand your fertility and protect your reproductive health?  If so we can help. You can use this method to either achieve or avoid pregnancy. e-learning



Observe the pattern of fertility and infertility recorded in the Circular Diagram. Note the commencement of the fertile phase.

When change occurs wait until a slippery sensation begins. Intercourse over the days of the slippery sensation gives the best chance of conception.


Aim to have intercourse two or three times during the days of the Basic Infertile Pattern - use alternate evenings to enable the woman to identify the change which indicates approaching ovulation.

It is then important to wait until the mucus develops a slippery quality, this enables the seminal fluid and sperm count to reach an optimal level near the time of ovulation.

Some women have a poor mucus secretion and may not see any mucus. The development of a soft, moist, swollen vulva may be her only sign of fertility. Intercourse at this time often succeeds in achieving pregnancy.

It may be simply a matter of recognizing the optimal time in the menstrual cycle for the couple to achieve a pregnancy. Then again there may be some contributing factors, for both the male and the female which are causing difficulty in achieving a pregnancy. Accredited Billings Method teachers are available to assist couples wishing to achieve a pregnancy. Contact a teaching Centre in your area, or direct your inquiry to our online address (see billingsMentor for other addresses).


Billings Method

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